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Q: Can all stains be removed?

A: Some stains can be permanent and therefore can not be removed during the cleaning process. Chris will examine any stains and request a bit of background on them. Most stains can be removed, however there is no guarantee of removal.

Some stains such as iron marks, slime, candle can not be removed without advanced stain removal techniques. The technique used to remove this kind of stains is a lot more time consuming, are a specialist skill and will require a separate quotable appointment.

Q: Why choose fresh Clear Cleaning services?

A: To safe time and possibly money request the services of professionals to clean carpets, windows upholstery and car. Using professional machines and products to protect carpets and upholstery and to get the best results removing stains and speed the drying process.

Q: What about the furniture in the room when cleaning the carpet?

A. Any furniture that does not require more than one person to move will be moved and put back in its place again. Small objects and breakables should be removed by the owner before starting the cleaning.

Q: Can i get a quotation over the phone/Internet?

A: Domestic property does not require a visit. Commercial property requires an on site visit to inspect and examine the property.

Q: What is the estimated drying time?

A: The cleaning will leave carpets or upholstery damp and they will dry naturally during the course of the day within several hours. The warm weather in the summer months accelerates drying times.


Q: Do you charge for travel?

 There is no extra charge for travel.

Q: How many times a year should I have my carpet/windows/car/upholstery cleaned?

A: Cleaning frequency depends on a number of factors such as the number of occupants in the property, children, pets and smokers. On average carpets/windows/upholstery/car should be cleaned every 6 months to a year.

Q: Can pet odours and urine be removed?

A: The deodoriser in the cleaning solution will deal with most pet odours and it is designed for the removal of urine. However, there no guarantee of full removal.

Q: My carpets smell after they have been cleaned. Why is this?

A: This is normal with wool composed carpets, often resulting in these smelling more strongly when wet. The smell will dissipate in several days when the carpet dries.

Q: Is the price quoted the price to pay?

A: Yes, the price quoted is the price to pay. The only ever extra charge more than quoted is when extra cleaning is requested or when the request for cleaning is not how it was described (2 seater sofa described but it is a 3 seater).

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